Easy Ways to Clean Up for Barbecue and Grilling

Seasoned cast iron pans are valuable to cooks who know anything about adding flavor to food. The same thing can be said for a well-seasoned grill, after it's been used to cook a variety of dishes. While you want a clean space and environment to cook in, you don't want to eliminate all this additional flavor you have built up over time. This is why you should look into some alternate ways to clean your grill after the cooking time is ended.

One of the best ways is to put half a raw onion onto the end of a barbecue fork. While the grill is still hot, "scrub" the grill with the inside of the onion. This will automatically get those bits of food off the grill that are still hanging on, but it will add flavor to your grill at the same time. Not only are you doing yourself a favor for the next meal you cook, but you're getting rid of food oils from the current meal as well. If you have used an onion in your cooking or marinade, you will probably already have this sitting around in your kitchen.

Another way to clean without scraping all the good flavoring off your grill is to use a soft grill brush. These are sold wherever you purchase a barbecue and might even come in an accessory pack. By running this lightly over the grill, you're going to make sure no food stacks up and gets burnt on over and over, but you're not going to take too much off, requiring your grill to be seasoned again. Relevant data about this are accessible if you go here. These will of course run down over time and use, so plan on replacing them regularly.

By oiling your grill after it's cleaned, you'll keep food from sticking next time you cook. This will again add flavor, and it will be a sort of preventative cleaning. Sometimes when you grill vegetables or fruits, they have a tendency to stick. A light coat of oil will keep this from happening and give them that same sear that tastes so good. Plus, it will make sure your grill lasts longer too.

Use these tips when you're getting ready to clean your grill, and you'll have more tasty meals than ever before. Don't underestimate the value of a seasoned grill from this link, since just like a cast iron pan, it can add so much more to whatever meal you cook.